Protect your digital business against cyber threats and data loss.

Saasment solves security risks to prevent human error across your digital assets.

What we do

We automate security programs to make sure your company information is protected.



Fraud Prevention. Full coverage against emerging threats targeting online stores like Shopify and Wix.



Automated CISO. Letting you focusing on growing your business securely and win big logos.



Agentless Security. Achieve enterprise-grade security best practices with zero knowledge.

Be Protected

Threats Protection

Based on cloud-native security controls, proactively take action to mitigate risks before they evolve to breach.

Get Covered

Ongoing Backups

Prevents from losing mission-critical data and metadata with automated backups and rapid recovery.

Be Ready

Prevant Humar Error

Empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cyber secure at work and home.

Stay Compliant

Easy Compliance

Simplifying the complex, time-consuming, and tedious process of becoming SOC2, PCI, or ISO 27001 compliant.

Fully Automated
Security Compliance

We help organizations to detect and prevent misconfigurations across 40+ applications, and maintain continuous compliance tracking.

Instead of waiting for security breach to happen, get ongoing visibility to your security & compliance configurations across all your Cloud Apps.

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Number #1 SaaS Based Security Solution for E-Commerce, Startups, Consulting Firms, Retails and Law Firms.

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Security starts
with transparency.

We want to share with you our metrics.
Together we can provide a service with real value.

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Risks discovered
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Automated IAM
Risk Assessment

As the volume of SaaS adoption grows and Cloud Identities footprints expand, IAM solutions are now a critical component in the enterprise security strategy.

SaaS enterprise security risk assessments are performed to allow organizations to assess, identify and enhance their overall SaaS security posture. IAM Risk Assessment focuses on understanding what are the security gaps from the identity and access perspective, for example, if users can disable their MFA or set a weak password.

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Saasment SaaS Security provides unrivaled visibility, risk mitigation and compliance automation.

Feedback from our clients.

“The value that Saasment Platform provides without asking for human intervention is not something we encountered before in the cloud security field. We are saving hounders of hours month.”

Director of Compliance
Tech, Fortune 500

“Our customers condition their transition to the cloud with the ability to protect their data. We have found that Saasment is a partner for the journey.”

Head of Security
US-Based Consulting Firm

Saasment's holistic solution to SaaS Security is what we were looking for the last two years - easy onboarding, immediate value and not require additional work from my team.

Retail, Fortune 500

The only solution I found that was able to effectively protect all the cloud services we use. Includes AWS, Office 365 and Shopify, all in a single interface.

Global E-Commerce

Detect & Prevent

We are the first industry-proven SaaS Security solution that helps organizations to detect and prevent misconfigurations across 40+ applications.

A misconfiguration can leave sensitive information fully exposed, such as a Financial Report that’s accidentally setup to be publicly accessible on the internet, which can lead to a serious breach.

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