36 Security products but still hackable

If you think that your security posture is a complex environment, the remote digital workspace trend will turn out to a nightmare. Extending the corporate “edge” to Cloud Apps as Salesforce, Jira and NetSuite make manual penetration testing to impossible as the number of possible scenarios and attack vectors is growing dramatically.

The reality is that when we look at real-world security breaches, misuse of the security & management controls is the key failure point in most security breaches. Deep dive into the reasons that cause the security breaches, we found out that managing the organization’s security posture based on assumptions and not real-world scenarios led to a broken environment.

With cloud-hosted platforms and decentralized infrastructure, security professionals have even less visibility into the security stacks and how they should manage them.

Saasment is a Security Validation Platform

We allow organizations to take cyber attackers’ perspective and stress-test its security stance to validate the cloud security posture effectiveness.

We help organizations automate the security validation process from three different aspects:

  • Prevent Cloud Breaches - Get visibility into how your SaaS application data is being exposed, who can access the data, and from where.
  • Simulate Insider Threats - Harness advanced Breach and Attack Simulation to proactive simulate actions and detect how your security controls react.
  • Demonstrate Compliance - Easily auditing the organization SaaS environments and the security controls against ISO, SOX and CIS Benchmarking.

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