What is Digital Workspace?

A digital workspace is a framework of cloud technologies to manage app, data, and desktop delivery. Digital workspaces enable access to the organization data and applications by the employees from anywhere, regardless of the physical network they are connected to. The digital workspaces are highly adopted by organizations and created new attack vectors which are increasing the threat landscape organizations are exposed to.

Digital Remote Workspace Security Assessment

With increasing numbers of staff working from home, along with new cloud and remote access services being stood-up faster than ever before, now is the time to verify that your organization data is secure. A few months ago a critical vulnerability found in the most popular remote workspace platform - Citrix Workspace flaw can allow remote hack of devices running vulnerable app, this new vulnerability raised a new challenge - how can I audit my cloud-based remote workspaces? Digital Workspaces penetration test is conducted to detect cybersecurity threats and risks that might occur due to remote working solutions.

Secure Your Remote Workspsace

Saasment is an automated platform validate your saas and cloud security posture, our platform will help you to dramatically enhance your digital remote workspace security posture with three simple steps:

  • Get visibility into your organization’s cyber security exposures related to remote work
  • Reduce the likelihood and impact of incidents due to remote work assets
  • Implement tactical actions to maximize security of your existing remote work infrastructure

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