Why Cloud Data Security?

In today’s world, smart decisions are driven by data, it can be a daily decision like how to increase the retention of users and it can be a strategic decision - if to get into a new business line or not.

As data become the most valuable asset of most new edge organizations, every organization needs to be sure their data is protected no matter where it lives.

Cloud-based software companies are the most vulnerable to data breaches since all their customers’ data, secrets, and intellectual property is distributed among different data cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, Databricks, and more.

Regulations and privacy laws define the vendor as responsible for keep data secured by following data security practices. Not following Cloud Data Security Practices, puts the organization at a risk to be exposed to both insider threats and external attackers.

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What is Cloud Data Security?

The essential tools provided by the data cloud providers are a good starting point, but enterprises should enhance their data security posture by actively discovering potential risks to decrease the possibility of threats and monitoring data activities to identify threats before they become incidents. To watch and protect all of your data assets, you need visibility into hundreds of instances across dozens of database types in multi-cloud environments with millions of daily activities.

Saasment is a comprehensive solution built on top of three building blocks:

  • Data assets and pipeline observability
  • Automated governance procedures
  • Scaled data breach hunting

Saasment maintains detailed records of all user activities, highlights excessive permissions to data, detect shadow data assets, potential data leaks, and abnormal data queries so nothing goes undetected.

We identify sensitive data, continually assess vulnerabilities, and alert on malicious activity from compromised user accounts.

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