Like Cloud Security Posture Management, SSPM continuously monitors enterprise cloud, but instead of protecting the IaaS, SSPM protects the organization’s SaaS environments to identify gaps between their stated security policy and the actual security posture.

SaaS Security Increasing Rapidly

With the growing cloud apps adoption, securing the SaaS perimeter is the most critical challenge CISOs are addressing today, therefore, the question - how do I improve my security posture across my cloud apps like SAP, Box, Gsuite, Slack and Jira is a hot topic in security forums.

  • The security controls the organization has in place which protects the organization from internal or external cyber attacks.
  • The ability of the organization’s security teams to manage the security policies and optimize them.
  • The readiness of each part in the organization to detect cyber attack, mitigate the incident, and then recover.

CSPM - Cloud Security Posture Management

CSPM platforms map the organization’s public cloud infrastructure, provide visibility into the resources, identities and configurations. On top of the visibility, CSPM platforms also help the organization to manage its security controls, policies and compliance.

SSPM is CSPM for SaaS?

If CSPM is looking at how to protect the Public Cloud Infrastructure of the organization like AWS and Azure, SSPM is looking at how to protect the SaaS accounts of the organization like Monday and Jira.

Some of the benefits of SSPM include:

  • Continuous visibility into multiple SaaS apps of policy violations.
  • Ability to perform automated remediation of misconfigurations.
  • Compliance of common standards including CIS, SOC 2, PCI, NIST 800-53, or HIPAA.

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