Shopify Security Best Practices & Compliance Audit

Recent hacks to Shopify customers

Multi-platform card skimmer found on Shopify

A recently discovered multi-platform credit card skimmer can harvest payment info on compromised stores powered by Shopify, BigCommerce, Zencart, and Woocommerce.

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Shopify seller lost $55,000 after her account was hacked

Shopify seller Andi Rosenberg is missing about $55,000 in sales after her account was hacked. On her Shopify account, Rosenberg could see the daily sales being paid out. But, her bank account, which she only checks once a month, wasn't getting any of the payouts.

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Protect your Shopify against secucity breaches

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Scan vulnerabilities in Shopify, prevent misconfiguration and track your security compliance.

Saasment Shopify Security Platform

With Saasment, you find and fix security risks in your Shopify to prevent human error across your cloud assets. We help organizations to detect and prevent misconfigurations all Shopify services & applications, and maintain continuous compliance tracking. Instead of waiting for security breach to happen, get ongoing visibility to your security & compliance configurations across all your identities, resources and configurations.

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Feedback from our clients.

“The value that Saasment Platform provides without asking for human intervention is not something we encountered before in the cloud security field. We are saving hounders of hours month.”

Director of Compliance
Tech, Fortune 500

“Our customers condition their transition to the cloud with the ability to protect their data. We have found that Saasment is a partner for the journey.”

Head of Security
US-Based Consulting Firm

Saasment's holistic solution to SaaS Security is what we were looking for the last two years - easy onboarding, immediate value and not require additional work from my team.

Retail, Fortune 500

The only solution I found that was able to effectively protect all the cloud services we use. Includes AWS, Office 365 and Shopify, all in a single interface.

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