As the volume of cloud adoption grows and cloud Identities footprints expand, Insider Threats Protection is now a critical component in the enterprise security strategy to prevent data breaches, including attack scenarios like Malicious insiders, Disgruntled former employees, Careless insider, and Misused Third Parties.

What is Insider Threat?

While traditional security solutions are focusing on protecting against external threats, the transformation of organizations’ business logic to the cloud increases dramatically a new attack vector - The Insider Threat. An insider threat is a security risk that can involve:

  • Malicious insiders - employees or partners who have access to sensitive data and utilize it to achieve personal or financial profit.
  • Disgruntled former employees - emotional attackers who want to damage their organization to revenge
  • Careless insider—an innocent pawn who unknowingly exposes the system to outside threats. This is the most common type of insider threat, resulting from mistakes, such as leaving a device exposed or falling victim to a scam
  • Third Parties - vendor or applications who misuse their access to the organization data as a result of a security breach or malicious intentions

An insider threat is a security issue that involved an object from the organization and not from outside.

With Saasment you can automatically find and fix security risks to prevent human error across your cloud assets.

Perform Insider Threat Risk Assessment

SaaS enterprise security risk assessments are performed to allow organizations to assess, identify and enhance their overall SaaS data protection. Insider Threat Risk Assessment focuses on understanding what are the security gaps from the identity and access perspective, for example:

  • If users can disable their MFA or set a weak password
  • If developers can access financial information
  • If contractors can access personal information
  • If third-party apps can delete sensitive data
The results of the Insider Threat Risk Assessment will help the CISO to prioritize the resources to protect the organization against insider threats.

Saasment Insider Threat Risk Assessment

We built a unique five-step process that can be scalable to any enterprise:

  • Define potential threat sources
  • Discover cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Create a list of high-risk employees and high-value assets
  • Estimate the likelihood of an insider threat
  • Determine and assess risks

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