What is Breach And Attack Simulation?

Security teams spending a lot of time testing their organization’s security strength by running different scenarios across different dimensions. BAS is a term announced by Gartner to describe emerging technology platforms that provide enterprises tools to simulate a variety of cyber attack scenarios. These cyber-attack simulation solutions work by launching automated attacks against organizational security environments, simulating the techniques and attack paths most likely to be used in an attempted breach

Simulate Breaches in the SaaS Perimeter

Since the SaaS Perimeter is constantly changing, simulate cyber attack scenarios in SaaS Perimeter is the only way to make sure the organization’s data is secured. SaaS oriented attack scenarios include:

  • Can external attackers access sensitive objects?
  • Can inside threat share files with unauthorized identity?
  • Is my data encrypted at rest?

Why Automated Breach and Attack Simulation?

Running a variety of SaaS oriented cyber-attack simulations in a friendly environment, Breach and Attack Simulation Platform will identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, security gaps, and compliance violations. In addition to the discovery part, BAS Platforms also helps the CISO to prioritize between the issues in order to quickly close the critical.

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